Recipe: Husband & Wife Cake – Banh Phu The / Banh Xu Xe

Husband & Wife Cake - Banh Phu The / Banh Xu Xe

By Helen Le Published: August 7, 2013

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 40 mins
  • Ready In: 1 hr 25 mins

  • Yield: 9 cakes (3-4 Servings)

Banh Phu The or Banh Xu Xe is a traditional cake that is normally served at Vietnamese weddings (Conjugal cake). The stickiness of the cake symbolizes the stickiness of the marriage ties. The golden filling embodies the loyalty & faithfulness of husband& wife, like a golden heart.

  • Rinse the mung beans a few times until the water becomes clear and soak in water for 1 hour. Add 120ml water and cook in a rice cooker until done. If you use a normal stove: bring to a boil and lower the heat to low, cover the lid and simmer for 10 minutes or until the beans are soft and mashable.
  • In a food processor, combine the cooked mung beans, sugar, vegetable oil, salt and vanilla sugar and pulse to process into a fine paste. Divide and form into 1/2 tbsp balls. **The filling recipe makes 18 balls, enough for you to make 2 batches of the dough recipe**
  • Combine all ingredients for the dough and stir well to dissolve the sugar and starch. Then microwave for 1.5 minutes at 700W. Take out and stir well. Then microwave again for another 1 minute. Take out and while it is still hot, use a whisk to constantly and vigorously stir for 1-2 minutes until it turns into a sticky paste. **If you double the dough recipe, you need to extend the microwaving time. Make sure you take out and stir after every minute until you get the paste with the desired consistency. **Traditionally, the paste is cooked on the stove on medium low heat while constantly stirring until the paste is formed.
  • If you want to color your cakes, add a few drops food coloring (or pandan extract) to the paste and mix well
  • Grease the molds (egg cups/ condiment bowls/ muffin cups/ ramekins) with some vegetable oil. Use 2 spatulas to transfer about 1 tbsp worth of the paste into the mold. Place one mung bean ball in the center and top up with another 1 tbsp worth of the paste. Form it nicely with a spatula. Repeat until you finish the paste.
  • Steam the cakes for 15 minutes or until the dough turns translucent.(You should be able to see the yellow filling through the outer layer.) Tie the lid of your steamer with a kitchen towel to prevent water dripping into the cakes.
  • Let cool and wrap in plastic wrap to form into square shape. Add sesame on top if preferred.

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