Danangcuisine July Instagram Update: Bún!!!

If there will ever be a competition of the most common rice noodles in Vietnam, it has to be Bún, or rice vermicelli, to win the crown. Exists from the North to South within so many different dishes from dry to wet, meat to seafood, this thin, cool and elastic-ish noodles is definitely the most common used noodle in Vietnam. And through the past days, my Instagram account  has been featuring quite many of them, which will be listed below as the Bún guideline to your Danang trip. And don’t forget to click on the link below each picture for the exact address and price 🙂 Cheers.

The most basic: rice vermicelli with soy sauce and fried tofu

Bún riêu or rice vermicelli with crab meat at Trung Nhi Street

My favourite: Bún Chả Cá-Rice vermicelli with fish cakes, Le Hong Phong St.

This is a Hanoi classic: Bún chả on Thai Phien St. 

A representative from Hue: Bún Bò or rice vermicelli with beef on Huynh Ngoc Hue St. 

And the last one on the series, Bún Mắm, or rice vermicelli with anchovy paste, a Danang specialty. 

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