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If you have one night to introduce Danang cuisine to US Masterchef Christine Ha, what dishes would you choose?

I don’t think there’s a need to introduce the amazing Christine Ha, winner of the US Masterchef season 3, New York Times best-selling author, TV host, judge of Masterchef Vietnam 2015…  The first blind contestant and winner ever in the Masterchef history, who happens to be of Vietnamese origin.

Before heading to meet Christine, I had lined up in my mind a few Danang specialties that I wanted to treat her. After learning that was her first time to Danang and she had already tried a lot of Danang staples including Mi Quang and Banh xeo the previous day, 2 dishes immediately popped up in my head…

  1. The best version (in Danang) of what she most likely is familiar with: Bún bò, and
  2. The love-it-or-hate-it, My favourite “bún mắm

Being Christine’s Danang food guide was a surreal experience. She’s extremely friendly and down to earth. After stuffing ourselves with so much food, we headed to “The Alco.Hole” at Funtastic Beach Hostel to try the signature “Bún bò cocktail” and ended up drinking until midnight. Such a night to remember!

Watch Christine’s vlog below (from 9:02)

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