Announcement #2

Hi all,
I regret to say that this blog will be temporarily closed, at least until the end of this year because both Ariel and I are currently living abroad for our postgrad studies. There will be no new entries, but you will still have access to the old ones. And feel free to ask anything – we’re out of the country doesn’t mean that our knowledge of and love for Da Nang cuisine are lessened. 
So sorry for the sudden notice. I wish you all the best of luck and see you again next year 😉 
Happy discovering Danang Cuisine!
– Uyen

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Summer created in 2010 to share her eating experience in her hometown Da Nang. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube @danangcuisine for daily updates. If you're in Danang, sign up for her popular street food tours

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7 comments on “Announcement #2


Hi, Danang Cuisines.
I’m not happy when hearing that you will close this blog. If you believe in me, I will edit redesign this blog for better SEO. And if you agree, please email me at [email protected]


Whats wrong with living abroad and writing new article about Danang ?
Like your blog!

From a Danang citizen.

Hi, thanks for dropping by.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just that I can’t go to old/new restaurants, try the food, take photos and write reviews anymore. You probably don’t want to read reviews without photos and accurate information, do you?

Or maybe you can help me solve the above problems? 😉


Amazing to know that all pics posted here were taken by you and **jealously** you ‘ve tried all the delicious food!

Hhm you’ve got a good workaround for ur problem from announcement 3, still need my help? 😉

Btw, just wonder if the pic and article materials are not original but shared from other sources, would you still welcome them?

A Danang citizen

Yes any help would be greatly appreciated and the more, the better 🙂

I know there are many other blogs/websites out there also giving reviews about Danang food and drinks, in different ways. What’s different about this blog is that it focuses only on Danang cuisine, is written by Danang citizens (who were born/raised, or lived/are living in Danang)and aims at introducing Danang cuisine to foreiners/English-speakers. Good-quality photos is also a way to stand out 🙂 With that in mind, I’d still welcome articles shared from other sources if they meet the above criteria and with permission from the original authors.

Of course, I’d always prefer original articles. The last thing I want to do is to turn this blog into something lack of originality, and create the “who wrote these reviews? Can I believe them?” kind of confusion from the readers. Write a food review is easy and fun, so please try if you have the opportunity 😉


Excellent English!

Well, love the city’s food as well. Also love to write, though its rarely from real circumstance but imagination, memory and Internet materials 😀

Got another question, would you love to write about Danang’s interesting/beautiful places aside from the delicious food?

A Danang citizen

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