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Hi all,
I’m very delighted to tell you that we will have another admin/writer for this blog. 
There are so many wonderful dishes in Da Nang that I sometimes can’t find enough time to write about (plus I tend to forget the camera every time I try new dishes). Therefore Ariel, a great friend of mine, has accepted to help me with this blog, which I can’t thank her enough. We were in the same class for 3 years in high school, and we also went to the same university in Japan. Just like me, she was born and grew up in Da Nang, and we both share the same passion for our beloved city. So I really hope that you will enjoy reading the reviews from a different perspective, other than the old boring one of mine.
Please continue to support Danang Cuisine and introduce it to everyone. You have no idea how greatly your supports have inspired and encouraged me up to now 🙂
Thank you.

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