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Specialties (of Da Nang and Central Vietnam)

Bánh tráng cuốn thịt heo – Dry pancake roll with pork 

Mì Quảng – Quang Noodles 

Bánh tráng đập – Crushed rice crackers with anchovy fish sauce

Bánh xèo – Vietnamese pancake 

Bún mắm – Dried noodles with anchovy fish sauce

Hải sản – Seafood  

Bánh bèo, nậm, lọc

Bún chả cá – Físh cake noodle soup

Bún bò – Beef noodle soup

Điểm danh các loại xôi ở ĐN – Danang’s sticky rice collection 

Bún riêu cua – Rice vermicelli with crab paste soup

Cơm gà – Roasted chicken rice

Bò kho – Beef stew

Trứng vịt lộn – Boiled half-hatched eggs

Cháo trắng hột vịt muối – White porridge with salted duck egg

Indochina food court

Lẩu – Vietnamese hot pot

Xôi gà – Sticky rice with chicken

Súp cua – Crab soup

Ram cuốn cải – Spring roll

Thịt vịt – Duck

Cơm tấm – Broken rice with grilled pork 

Cung Đình restaurant: Outstanding Vietnamese home-style dinner

Bánh cuốn Tiến Hưng – Savory rice rolls 

Quán chay Tâm Pháp – Tam Phap vegetarian restaurant

Madame Lân restaurant: great décor, good Viet food

Lẩu bò Sáu Hưng: beef-specialized restaurant

Bò kho (beef stew) and Bò né (sizzling beef steak)


Random eats series

For each post in this series, there will be quick reviews of several random dishes. Sometimes I just don’t feel like writing one whole post for only one dish… but leaving it out is such a waste. Random eats is created to record such food treats. 

#1 Broken rice, vegetarian rice & seafood spaghetti

#2 Bánh tráng, bánh bột lọc & grilled sausage

International food

‘Little Seoul’ Korean restaurant

Bread of life: great Western food with a purpose

Mì “Total” (Thức ăn Trung Quốc) – Chinese food street stall

Kachou Fugetsu Japanese restaurant


Travel around Viet Nam:

Da Nang: 

Hoi An cuisine


North and North Central Vietnam

Saigon/Ho Chi Minh city/HCMC:




Newlife Garden

Hd cafe

Katynat: live instrumental music

Cà phê cóc

Lu cafe: cosy, awesome coffee

Bảo Nam Trân: traditional architecture, excellent mi Quang

Highlands coffee 

Kool whippy drinks: Starbucks-inspired

La petite maison: French retro style, great tea and patisseries

Daisy Coffee 2: rustic and cosy