Ốc hút – Da Nang’s spicy snails/escargots

This is not the cleanest food in the world, but is such a specialty of Da Nang that this blog wouldn’t be called Danang Cuisine without mentioning it.

Depending on the city/region, various types of escargots are cooked in different styles. Not as diverse as escargots dishes in Ho Chi Minh City, in Da Nang, most popular is small escargots cooked with lemongrass and chili. A lot of chili. It is one of the most spicy dishes in town. Just look at the dipping sauce:

Ốc hút, literally sucking snail, is obviously named after how the locals eat them: place your mouth close to the opening of the shell, and suck the meat out. If it does not come out, don’t lose hope, suck the smaller end of the shell first, then suck the opening, I promise it would come out unless the shell is empty. Be careful when you try to suck it for the first time – the heat and spiciness may take you aback. But once you get used to it, this is probably the most exciting and fun dish you’ve ever tried.

For some reason, street vendors in Da Nang often sell ốc hút and mít trộn (young jackfruit salad) together.

Mít trộn – Young jackfruit salad

Where: Kiều Kiều – 326 Lê Duẩn, Đà Nẵng
or on the beach

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