Xoa xoa
Xoa Xoa

Xoa Xoa is a cool and fun drink. It is made from (tasteless) black and white jello, red tapioca pearls, sweet green mung bean paste, syrup, coconut milk and ice. Generally Xoa xoa is fairly sweet and cool, which makes it a nice drink/dessert for hot summer days.
It’s not easy to find a place for xoa xoa nowadays. Maybe they still sell it at some food stands in small local markets, I’m not sure. 46 Tran Binh Trong is the only proper xoa xoa shop that I know of. I’ve been a loyal customer of this place since forever because it is close to the elementary school that I attended (close to my house as well). Their xoa xoa is super tasty, so I never bother going elsewhere to eat.

Mix everything well before eating

Where: My ultimate shop: 46 Tran Binh Trong – 6000VND
When: Morning and early afternoon

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  • themmmmm


  • Anonymous

    good stuff!!

  • Mytkny

    I agree, the xoa xoa at this place is the best!  I always need 2 servings! Hehe…