Trung vit lon

Boiled half-hatched eggs – Trứng vịt lộn
I was deliberating for quite some time before deciding to write about these eggs. Even the name may sound disgusting to many of you, especially those who haven’t tried them yet. But after all, I decided that as they belong to the Vietnamese food culture and are indeed very tasty, there is no reason for me to be afraid of introducing them.

Ok I cannot describe exactly how these eggs taste and I am not trying to do so. All I can say is that it’s soft, and go very well with the accompanied vegetable (called “rau răm”) and ginger sauce. There are 2 ways to eat these eggs. One is to put an egg in a small bowl with the small side down, use the spoon to break and hand to open around a third of the egg shell, and use spoon to eat the inside together with the sauce and vegetables. This way you can’t see how the inside looks, but it takes some skill to do so. The other way is to ask the shop owner to remove all the shell and put the inside in a bowl for you. Either way, DON’T forget the sauce and vegetable. Most, if not all, of the places selling these eggs in Danang are small pavement shops, open in late evening, and they intentionally set up everything in dim light so that you cannot see what you are eating. Normally one person would eat 1-2 eggs each time.

I love these eggs and I think most Vietnamese do, too. Clear away all the bad imaginations you’re having in your head, get some courage and you will find out that these eggs are definitely not as bad as you think they are. Indeed, they are very tasty (well I know you don’t believe me anyway). So I suggest you give it a try, and have some fun experience with Vietnamese cuisine.

Ginger and young papaya sauce

Where: my usual place: 83 Thai Phien – 6000VND per egg
When: around 8pm to midnight

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5 comments on “Trung vit lon


Guys, you should try this out. Don’t let the look deceive you, it tastes damn good, and is damn healthy as well 😀


I used to eat this all the time just because my mom told me that I would be smarter if eating it. I didn’t it eat for the whole 3 years in the States simply because I could see everything under the bright light :). I thought I would eat it again when I went home, but I did not have the courage to do so after not eating it for a while. Just some of my thought 🙂


The name may be a little off-putting, but once you get over the fear of eating something that sounds so cruel you will have a delicious and unique food experience. It is true that you must remember to include the greens and ginger, and low light helps as well. Just relax, pop one in your mouth and chew.


i used to like it, but after once i tried it under bright light..oh no…i saw everything that i should of seen, so after that i feel guitly when i think about it…sorry..its is just my feeling..but hope u guys enjoy that delicious food! thanks for the introducing DANANG CUISINE to every one!

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