The 100th entry: some thoughts and interesting facts. Bài viết thứ 100 và những chuyện bây giờ mới tiết lộ.

I’ve been considering what to write in this special post. The 100th entry, holy crow! And I’ve decided that I’ll write whatever I want here, food-related or not. Especially I want to become closer to you, my dear readers! I hope we can take this chance to get to know more about each other.

This is a very meaningful event to me, because after nearly 2 years (1 year and 9 months, to be exact), Danang Cuisine blog marks its 100th post and also the 1000th follower on its Facebook fanpage, not to mention the feature on a Hong Kong’s magazine and a Vietnamese magazine. Interestingly, within those 21 months, I was NOT in Da Nang for 11 months!
You know that for each review, I have to actually go to the food shops, try the food and take the photos/videos myself. Which was very difficult, and even impossible for me to do as half of the time since starting this blog I was studying overseas. But still I managed to continue to develop Danang Cuisine, with the great help from my family: my older sister, Helen Le for all of her wonderful recipes, and even my mother who wrote several guest posts in Vietnamese (guestwriter Penguin, that’s my mom!!).
And of course, Danang Cuisine can’t exist without YOU! 21 months ago, when I googled “Danang Cuisine” (exact phrase), there was NO result. Now, there are 10.400! The amount of comments is also increasing tremendously. As I said in this magazine interview, your comments are the greatest motivation for me to continue. From the very first days when there was only 1-2 comments a month, to today when there can be 10 a day, to me the joy and happiness of reading each and every comment still remains intact. For all of your support so far, I would like to say THANK YOU.So… now it’s your turn. I would love to know:

  •  What you honestly think about Danang Cuisine?
  •  What can be done for improvements?
  •  Your own stories, i.e. your love story with Da nang, with Da Nang street food, with Viet Nam… or anything you want to share with me and other readers.

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15 comments on “The 100th entry: some thoughts and interesting facts. Bài viết thứ 100 và những chuyện bây giờ mới tiết lộ.

Helen Le

Oh, and the 100th entry is on the blog founder’s BIRTHDAY!! hihi 
Happy birthday my dear little sister. All your efforts will be well paid off. 
Wish you a fun filled birthday and a marvellous year ahead.
From Germany with lots of love 😉


P.S. Please pick up your present at AT’s house 😀 Hope you like it 😛


oh! Happy Birthday, chi. Hope you and your blog will have a great year!
always wait for your entries 😡


1) What do I honestly think about Danang Cuisine?
Awesome website, I love yours and Helen’s recipes!  They are simple, easy to follow, giving measurable and exact quantities, most of the ingredients used can be found outside of Vietnam which is great for people like me.  Also, the blog is available in both languages to boot!  That’s already an accomplishment on its own.  I’ve been searching for a recipe to do Banh Bot Loc for a long time and it never works, mainly because people usually give recipes in estimated quantities, or using cups (not exact!) and rely on “feel” of the dough.  I’ve been using yours and it works 100% all of the time.  This is how I started following your blog.

 2) What can be done for improvements?
Continue your focus on Danang cuisine but perhaps more posts on cuisine in other cities that you’ve been to/passing by like the one you did for Hanoi.  Also, it would be nice if you have posts about accomodation in Danang.  For newbie like me, we were duped into staying on the WRONG side of Han river, so we didn’t get to experience the real Danang.  We couldn’t find good food anywhere on that side!  Unfortunately we only realized this when we got back to Canada.

3) Your own stories, i.e. your love story with Da nang, with Da Nang street food, with Viet Nam… or anything you want to share with me and other readers.
Extremely clean city comparing to the rest that I’ve been to in Vietnam, no beggars, no garbage!  The food was not up to par where we stayed, but we only realized that it was because we stayed in the wrong place 🙁  Next time!  We actually like Danang much more than Hue.

This is THE comment. Awesome. Thanks a bunch for sharing.
I’ll update the “Travel tips” section with some info about accommodation, soon. I’ll try to write whenever I have the chance to travel to other cities in Viet Nam. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a post about Hoi An cuisine and one about specialties of North and North Central Vietnam. Next stops could be Hue and Ho Chi Minh city!I’m really glad that you like Danang and Danang cuisine. Next time you are here, you know who to contact 😉

Uyên, how much does it cost you to keep the website/domain….? I personally think that the website could be improved a bit, more hip, more fun, more engaging… The content is actually good and very detailed, but the not-so-attractive frontpage/first impression would not engage readers.

Anyway, you’re awesome, did I tell you that you are one of the reason why I start my own blog too, teeheee


Honestly, I LOVE your blog and the authentic, easy to follow recipes. If you could post a recipe for the banh mi bread, I could die happy.

I live in the US, and because of your blog I am determined to visit Da Nang one day. So yes, more travel tips on accommodations, please.

Thanks Creamcheesewonton (sounds amazing, I’d love to try!!). I just updated the travel tips section with some info about where to stay. 
Banh mi……..still have to wait. But I will definitely keep this request in mind.

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