Tet and banh chung

Vietnamese steamed cake – Bánh chưng
So Tet (Vietnamese lunar new year) is coming tomorrow. Just like Christmas (and new year) in Western cultures, Tet in Vietnam is a time for family and friends. A time full of gatherings, warmth, and love. Tet normally lasts for a week.. no work, no school. People just stay at home and go to visit one another. The week before Tet is an extremely busy period: everyone has to make sure that the houses are clean and nicely decorated with flowers, and that enough food is stored for endless parties in the following week (most shops/restaurants are closed during Tet). It is very interesting to go to the markets these days, to feel the busy atmosphere as housewives rush to buy all the food and necessary ingredients for the holiday. And then when Tet comes, shops and markets will be empty. All that left to be done is to relax, eat, and smile.
Tet is a time for various traditional dishes. Yet it is not hard at all for me to pick just one dish for this entry. For Tet, it must be Banh Chung. This steamed cake is no doubt the most traditional and essential food for Tet. It is made from glutinous rice, mung bean, pork and other ingredients. As the legend went, Lang Lieu, the youngest prince of the 6th Hung King, won the competition held by the king and became a successor for the throne with the creation of Banh Chung (square – symbolized the Earth) and Banh Day (round – symbolized the sky). For centuries, Vietnamese people still preserve this tradition of making and eating Banh Chung, especially during the Tet holiday. Nowadays many households still cook Banh Chung in big steam pots overnight 1 or 2 days before New year. It is a wonderful opportunity for family members to sit around and share the warmth from hot Banh chung pots in the chilly winter. Banh chung can also be easily bought in many shops before Tet. In Da Nang, you can buy them at 190 Tran Phu street.

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