Tastiest, cheapest bánh canh in Da Nang

Video footage

Just found another fantastic bánh canh stall, even better than this place  Not only the tastiest, but also the cheapest one that I know in Da Nang. I was shocked to know that it just cost 12,000VND ($0.6) for one delicious, extremely flavourful, beautiful looking bowl of banh canh. It looked very plain and monochrome at first, but don’t let the look fool you. One stir away and you’d find all the gems hidden beneath the white noodle soup: a bit of poached and fried fishcake, fish, pork, chili flakes and herbs (video). I ordered 2 fried spring rolls for side dish which was one of the most yummy street snacks I’ve ever tasted.

This humble pavement eatery also serves bún mắm, bún bò, fried bánh mì with chả, bánh bột lọc trần… all at very low cost and amazing quality. Therefore, be quick as they open from 3pm and run out of food at about 5:30pm.

Where: 27 Trần Quý Cáp- Đà Nẵng (pavement)
When: 3pm-5:30pm
How much: 12kVND/bowl of banh canh (April 2013)

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