Sup cua

Guest post by Leon

Crab soup – Súp cua
Hi guys, today I would like to introduce one of my favourite light afternoon dishes: crab soup.
I discovered this dish very recently and love it absolutely. I have tried this dish before at various places from luxury restaurants (in fact it is one of the most popular starter dishes at Vietnamese restaurants) to street vendors and I’ve never had any good impression with it. It was ok, yes, but nothing special to make me begging for a second serve. It was because of this very reason that I was quite reluctant when my friend asked me to go check out this place that sells crab soup. I did not want to waste a beautiful afternoon eating something boring while I had a whole list of things I wanted to eat, given that I had just returned to Danang after quite a long time abroad. Fortunately, I did not let my instinct get the best of me and agreed to tag along.

It was a small street vendor in an alley right in front of Da Nang Cathedral (widely known as “Rooster Church”) on Tran Phu Street, so if you’re familiar with this city you’ll have no trouble finding this place. From the first look, the soup is your typical, everyday crab soup, with smashed crab cooked with tapioca starch, enhanced by a couple of quail eggs and fine chopped “cha”. Contrary to my expectation, it tasted really good and the accompanied long fried bread just took everything to another level. I just had to have another serve and bought two to bring home; it is just that good, especially when the weather is a bit cold. This place opens in the afternoon from around 2pm to 6pm so you have to get there fast or you’ll get nothing. It’s a great choice if you’re hungry around this time but don’t want to have anything too much to miss dinner.
In conclusion, this crab soup is a gem that often overlooked. I’d say give it a try and maybe you’ll get to love it as much as I do.     
Fried bread – Bánh quẩy (dip this into the soup and eat – super tasty!!)
Nice view of the church from the shop

Where: opposite to Da Nang Cathedral (156 Tran Phu) – 16,000VND/bowl
When:  around 2~6pm

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