Saigon’s Top 4 dishes (video)

1. Hủ tiếu (Quỳnh – 197 Nguyễn Trãi, District 1, HCMC)
I love love love hu tieu in Saigon. To be honest I wasn’t very impressed with this noodle before, but trying hu tieu in saigon totally changed my opinion towards this dish. Perfectly marinated and chewy noodle, fresh shrimp, pork, pork liver and vegetables… everything just compliments each other wonderfully. Even the accompanying sauce and soup are so yummy. I think I found another reason to go back to this city.

2. Cơm tấm (Thuận Kiều – 138 Nguyễn Thiện Thuật, District 3, HCMC)

Cơm tấm can be considered the symbol of Saigon cuisine. You can find it almost everywhere, and I think it’d be a challenge to find a NOT very good one in this city. Cơm tấm is usually served with grilled pork, pickled vegetables,  a sunny side up egg. along with a small bowl of sweet dipping fish sauce), a small bowl of soup broth.

3. Bánh tráng trộn (Random vendor in district 1)
This is a very interesting snack which I believe is originally from Saigon. This is a very interesting concept to me because normally banh trang is just used as wrapping or topping, but here it is the main ingredient of the salad itself. Other ingredients include: ram răm (Vietnamese corriander), salt, sugar, chili flakes, chili jam, kumquat, quail egg, young mango, beef jerky, dried small shrimp… I bought it at a random street vendor in District 1.

4. Ốc (Đào – 132 Nguyễn Thái Học, District 1, HCMC)
My must-have food of HCMC. Read more about it in this post.

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Uyen Vu

Hi Uyen.

My name is also Uyen, from HCMC. I am here in Danang and was looking for street foods in Danang, google leads me to your blog and I am totally in love. I love to eat myself, not so great at cooking but foods are one of the main purpose in every of my trip. Keep up the good work.

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