Rau Cau Dua

Guest post by Ariel
Rau câu dừa- Coconut jelly 
I went to eat Rau Câu Dừa or Coconut Jelly with my friends yesterday, and thought that I must write about it right away.

Although it’s December already, the weather here suddenly became hot yesterday. So I needed something to cool myself down, and coconut jelly came at the right time. I’ve tried coconut jelly many times before, but the coconut jelly that I ate yesterday is so different. It tastes just right – not so fatty, not so sweet and doesn’t make me feel that I’m eating jelly with artificial scent of coconut. The top of the jelly is covered will ice, coconut milk and a little coffee which blend well together, giving the coconut jelly a very nice flavor: cooling and refreshing, soft and smooth… Believe me, it’s a real must-try tropical dessert!

Jelly in a whole coconut


Where: Lien 175 Hai Phong
Normal jelly 7000 VND/dish
Jelly in a coconut 35,000VND
When: All day

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