Random eats #2 – Bánh tráng, bánh bột lọc & grilled sausage

For each post in this series, there will be quick reviews of several random dishes. Sometimes I just don’t feel like writing one whole post for only one dish… but leaving it out is such a waste. Random eats is created to record such food treats.

1. Bánh tráng trứng opla – Banh trang with sunny-side up quail eggs 

I have written up a collective post about Da Nang’s banh trang snacks here. Just happened to find a new place right in the city center with amazing banh trang, especially the awesome banh trang with sunny-side up quail egg and spring onion (photo above). I bet this is one of the most stunning looking street food in the world. Super cheap, 1000VND each. Also recommend their yummy bánh tráng pâté.

Where: next to 64 Thái Phiên (pavement, front of a small alley), Đà Nẵng, from 5pm

2. Xúc xích nướng – Grilled sausage and smashed potato

Mr. Pizza is one of the first Western restaurants in Da Nang. After 10+ years existing and several times relocating, this restaurant has greatly improved.  It is now my go to place for spaghetti (seafood spaghetti in tomato sauce!). Very generous amount and wonderful quality. I also love the grilled sausage with corn, smashed potato and sour cream. YUM!

Where: Mr Pizza – 45 Trần Phú, Đà Nẵng

3. Bánh bột lọc trần – Transparent tapioca dumblings

De-li-cious!!! This is by far the tastiest and most easily accessible bánh bột lọc shop that I know in Da Nang (normally these little dumblings are just sold in the local markets). This is sold in front of the coconut jelly shop that my guest writer wrote about a while ago. 2 types of fillings: pork/shrimp or green bean paste for vegetarians. The seller said that he had to ‘import’ the dough from Hue, therefore his dumblings are perfectly chewy and transparent. Be quick, he may finish before 5pm!

Where: Liên – 175 Hải Phòng, 2-6pm

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