Random eats #1 – Broken rice, vegetarian rice & seafood spaghetti

Welcome to the first episode of Random eats!

For each post in this series, there will be quick reviews of several random dishes. Sometimes I just don’t feel like writing one whole post for only one dish… but leaving it out is such a waste. Random eats is created to record such food treats.

So, let’s see what’s in store in this first episode of Random eats.

1. Cơm tấm gà chiêm mắm- Broken rice with fried chicken (~50k)

I took the above above photo and intended to write about the dish in December 2010! Not sure how it’s not on the blog yet, probably due to the restaurant’s inconsistency, and the fact that it’s opposite an excellent cơm tấm place. Anyhow, still interesting to freshen up the normal broken rice dish with gà chiên mắm instead of grilled pork chop. The restaurant serves a wide range of other proteins with broken rice. Nice, clean and polite place.
Where: Cơm tấm Nam Cali, 72 Trần Quốc Toản (Update: this restaurant was closed as of July 2014 🙁 )

2. Cơm chay thập cẩm – Mixed vegetarian rice (~15k)

Read a very interesting guest post about quán chay (vegetarian restaurants) here. It’s the author of that post who brought me to another quán chay where I had one of the best vegetarian rice dishes (photo above). Although he didn’t bother to write another post about vegetarian restaurants, I personally liked this place a lot. Highly recommend the mixed vegetarian rice dish (cơm chay thập cẩm).

Where: Quán chay Bình Minh – 118 Triệu Nữ Vương 

3. Spaghetti hải sản – Seafood spaghetti (~100k)

Normally, I’d want to stay away from places that try to copy major brands, like this place called Pizza Hug. I tried my luck though, and against my doubts, Pizza Hug is pretty decent! Actually I’ve been there 3 times just to order only 1 dish (above photo). The first time it was amazing. Second and third time not as amazing, but still good. Rich and very spicy spaghetti sauce. I heard that their pizzas and other pastas were great. If only the price is a bit less stiff I’d be more willing to try… All in all, good food, cozy place with wooden furniture.

Where: Pizza Hug – 45 Trần Phú

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