Mi Quang

Mì Quảng tôm thịt trứng – Mi Quang with pork and shrimp

If you want the truly original dish of Danang, this must be it. “Mì” means noodles and “Quảng” here stands for the province Quang Nam. Well, before you get confused, Danang used to be a part of Quang Nam in the past (called “Quang Nam – Da Nang” province) until 1997 when it was separated and became one of the five independent municipalities in Vietnam. 

There are many types of Mi Quang, ranging from the basic ones such as pork&shrimp or chicken, to more special ingredients like snakehead fish, eel or jellyfish. A bowl of Mi Quang contains a rich layer of vegetables at the bottom, followed by noodles and a fair amount of broth. Unlike many other Vietnamese noodle soup bowls which are usually covered completely by their broths, Mi Quang broth is added just enough to barely soak the noodles. Last but not least, Mi Quang cannot go without the toppings of crushed roasted peanuts, rice crackers, herbs, lemons, and chilli. 

There is no correct way to cook Mi Quang – it really depends on your tastes and preferences. To most of Danangians including me, the best Mi Quang is home-made by their mothers or grandmothers, attached with love and memories. Mi Quang brings out the feeling of genuineness and simplicity just like the people in Central Vietnam, one that is hard to come across in the modern dishes.

Learn how to cook Mi Quang here.

Mi Quang with chicken – Mì Quảng gà 

Mi Quang with snakehead fish – Mì Quảng cá lóc

Mi Quang with eel – Mì quảng lươn


When: preferably lunch. Breakfast and dinner are also ok.

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Nice article about one of my favorite dishes.
I am always looking for a good My Quang restaurant, My Quang 1A is good. Au Lac Vegetarian Restaurant (162 Nguyen Du street) makes a good vegetarian My Quang.

Thanks for your recommendation. I also know one more very good MQ restaurant where I took the above photos but I forgot the address…will try to update it here shortly.

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