Mam nem

Anchovy fish sauce – Mắm nêm
Before introducing other dishes of Danang, I feel the urge to write a post about this very special kind of fish sauce that plays a significant role on Danang cuisine – Mam nem.

Mam nem, alternatively mam cai, is a very unique local sauce of the central region. It is made from fermented anchovy sauce (cá cơm), pineapple, garlic and chilli; and is widely used to accompany many kinds of food. It has a very strong scent which for the first times may be uncomfortable to smell, but once you get used to it, this is the kind of fish sauce that you will get addicted to. During my 4 years in Japan, it is its smell and taste that haunted me day after day.

In Danang, Mam nem is used together with many dishes such as “Banh trang cuon thit heo”, “Bun mam” and other traditional dishes. Mam nem is the “hate it or love it” sauce, but as it is so special and unique, why not take a risk and discover one massive feature of Danang cuisine!

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