Lẩu bò Sáu Hưng: beef-specialized restaurant

Dear beef-lovers, this post is dedicated to you.
If you think you’ve known beef long and well enough, well think again. How many different parts of a cow that you have actually tried? And how many ways of cooking beef that you’ve heard of?

You may extensively broaden your knowledge at Sáu Hưng restaurant which has been in town before I was born. It offers dishes made from more than 9 different parts of the cow: beef shank, chuck, flank, brisket, fatty brisket, tendon, tail, blood, knuckle…And yeah let’s not forget pizzle. Cooking methods are also  extremely diverse: rare beef cooked by fresh lime, cooked with a vinegar-based soup stock, boiled in ginger fish sauce, mixed in sweet and sour salad, stir-fried with lemongrass and chilli, beef curry…
Accompanying most of the dishes of this restaurant is a special sauce made from, to my guess, chao (fermented bean curd), peanut paste, chilli and some seasonings. The sauce is very rich and mildly sweet. I’d recommend using this sauce for bò nướng (grilled beef) eating in Danang’s distinctive rolling style with super fresh herbs. Such an awesome bunch of amazing flavours and aromas.
Another specialty that actually became the restaurant’s name prefix is lẩu bò (beef hot pot). Order lẩu bò thập cẩm (mixed hot pot) and you’ll get the chance to try a bit of everything (beef), in addition to soft tofu, mushrooms, wonton, veggies, herbs… Of course you can still order hot pot with only beef knuckle or tail.
All in all, Lẩu bò Sáu Hưng is such an interesting restaurant, absolutely one of a kind. I’d say you go there in a group of at least 3, or else don’t blame me for food indigestion afterwards. Good food is a bless, too much good food is a sin.
When: afternoon – evening


  • Sáu Hưng 1 (original): 925 Ngô Quyền St, Sơn Trà district. Tel (0511)3836444
  • Sáu Hưng 2: 211/25 Đống Đa St, Hải Châu district, Tel: (0511)6 545468

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