Lẩu and the drinking culture

Vietnamese hot pot (with eel fish) – Lẩu cá chình
Hot pot is a(nother) distinctive feature of Vietnamese cuisine. There are, again, many kinds of hot pot, and the most popular main ingredients are fish, beef, and seafood. Aside from the main ingredient, there can be tomato, tamarind, and different kinds of vegetables, depending on what and where you eat. 
In Da Nang (and some other cities as well), the best hot pots are usually sold in “quán nhậu” which is a type of Vietnamese drinking establishment. These “quán nhậu” serve a wide range of side dishes that may be hard to come across elsewhere, and I must say these dishes are great. It can get very noisy at these places with men drinking and talking; it can be fun or annoying depending on your mood. People, mainly men, go to these places after working to drink with their friends for fun, or with guests for business. Japan, (and I think some other Asian countries), also shares a similar culture.   
Anyway, back to the main subject. My most favourite hot pot is the one with eel-fish at this place called “Liêm” on Le Hong Phong street. Their hot pot’s broth is just great. I’ve tried hot pots at other places as well but nothing came close (just to my taste and preference; you may feel different). Their other dishes are also amazing. I especially LOVE the sweet and sour beef tendon, and the fried chicken wings (deep-fried with fish sauce). 
Hot pot is just a perfect choice for chilly rainy days, so make sure to try one before the next hot sunny season comes.
This is how to eat hot pot, in case you don’t know 

Sweet and sour beef tendon – Gân bò bóp chua

Fried chicken wings in fish sauce – Cánh gà chiên mắm


Where: Liêm – 71-73 Le Hong Phong
– 100,000 VND for 1 small size hot pot (2-3 people)
– 40,000 VND for 1 small size dish of chicken wings (photo)
– 40,000 VND for 1 small size dish of beef tendon (photo)
When: evening

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