Indochina food court

Judging from the formal, luxurious and quiet appearance of this building from the outside,  it is hard to imagine that there is actually a busy food court inside, on the third floor. Of course the price here is a little higher than normal restaurants (ranging from 30,000 to 70,000VND for a dish), but it is a fun place to spend time with friends and family. This food court overlooks the beautiful Han river and Han bridge with fantastic view from the window.

So this is how it works: in front of the food court there is a counter (photo 1) where you can buy electronic cards. Depending on how much you’re gonna eat, you can buy the 50,000 100,000 or 200,000VND cards. Then you can use that prepaid card to buy food from several counters inside. In the end, if you don’t use up that card, you can go back to the counter and have the remaining money back.

How to order: Once you’ve ordered, give the card to the staffs at the food counters and they will slide it on a machine. They will then give you a plastic sign with a number (photo 2). Then you can take that sign with you and sit wherever you want, they will bring the food to your table once it’s ready.

There are around 10 counters with a wide range of food. 2 of them have Korean and Italian food. The food here is very nice and clean.

So if you want a change from eating at small street vendors, or want a nice and polite place to go with colleagues, friends, families, lovers, this is it.  
Photo 1- the counter where you can buy prepaid cards
Photo 2

Where: 3rd floor, Indochina Riverside Towers – 74 Bach Dang
When: all day

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