In search of the best Mi Quang in Danang (P.1)

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Happy Valentine’s day!

If food was love and you were to pick one to be your valentine, which dish would you choose? For me, *surprise surprise*, it’d definitely be mi Quang.

Mi Quang is, no doubt, the soul of Danang cuisine.
Danang people like to joke, that don’t marry a Danang girl if you don’t like Mi Quang, and that you’re not a Danang girl if you don’t know how to cook good Mi Quang. Somehow it’s true!
Is there such thing as “the best Mi Quang”? What is the perfect way to cook Mi Quang? Where is the best Mi Quang shop in Da Nang? …Or so I was asked. Unfortunately, and fortunately, I really don’t have the answer.
I like to think of Mi Quang as love. There can be love at first sight, but there is also the kind of love that is developed over a solid period of time. I’m more of the latter type. To me, love develops through time, and most importantly, it is always attached with emotions.
That’s the charm of Mi Quang. There is no absolute perfect bowl for everyone, but there is always the best one for each person.
So here I am, wandering around my beloved land, searching for my most ideal valentine.
1. Bà Vị – 166 Lê Đình Dương
Ba Vi has always been my to-go-for mi quang shop since forever. In fact it is my only recommended stall for mi quang in my Danang’s top 10 dishes list. It has everything that any mi quang shop yearns for: long existence, reputation, good vibe, good location and of course, superior food.
At the moment mi quang tom thit here is second to none. Every ingredient is just superb, and generously provided. I am especially in love with the juicy, perfectly marinated shrimps and tender bits of pork…what a masterpiece!

Mì Quảng tôm thịt – Pork and shrimp mi Quang 9.5/10
I find that mi quang ca loc at Ba Vi is not as awesome as their mi quang tom thit, but still very good. Stock and fish marinade could have been a bit more.
Mì Quảng cá lóc – Snakehead fish mi Quang 8/10


2. Bảo Nam Trân cafe – 27 Nguyen Chi Thanh
Review of Bao Nam Tran cafe here.
Mi quang tom thit in Bao Nam tran’s breakfast menu is highly recommended. It’s probably the only reason that keeps me going back to this cafe.
If  there’s anything about mi Quang at Bao Nam Tran that I have to criticize, it’d be that the shop is ..too fancy a place for mi Quang. To me and I believe to other local people as well, mi Quang is attached with the image of genuineness and simplicity. Therefore it just doesn’t feel right to sit in an elegant cafe with Hue originated traditional design to eat a Danang signature dish.

Mì Quảng tôm thịt – Pork and shrimp mi Quang 8.5/10


3. Mì Xứ Quảng – 48 Trần Quý Cáp
This is a newly open mi Quang restaurant in Danang, but has quickly gained popularity among the local mi Quang lovers. They’re just specialised in 2 types: mi quang ga and mi quang ca loc.
Their mi quang ga is excellent: very rich stock and spot-on chicken marinade. If only chicken was more tender and provided in more generous amount, this mi quang ga could be given much higher mark.
Mì Quảng gà – Chicken mi Quang 8.0/10
Mì Quảng cá lóc – Snakehead fish mi Quang 8.0/10

Mi Xu Quang has 4 shops across Danang and 1 in Ho Chi Minh city. For more info visit their website:

4. Bà Oanh – 41/1 Đống Đa 

Mì quảng cá lóc – Snakehead fish Mi Quang 9.5/10
Hands down the currently best mi quang ca loc in town. Look at that big chunk of fish, isn’t it spectacular! Mi quang ca loc here best exemplifies my definition of the perfect mi quang ca loc: considerable bits of fresh fish perfectly marinated with a nice but not overwhelming scent of turmeric.


Now before I try more and write Part 2 for this “In search of the best Mi Quang” series, can you tell me where your favourite mi Quang shops in Danang are? I’d highly appreciate any recommendations or suggestions!

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I love my neighborhood Mi Quang store because I’ve always eaten it since young 🙂 Maybe you could give it a try! was only a few steps away from my old house 🙂

Mi Quang Ba Ba – 333 Hoang Dieu (it’s inside a small lane, not so well known… but oh well)
btw, brilliant blog! 🙂 it really brightens up my day 😀

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