Gánh quê: heaven of snacks

Guest post by Quan Tran
May 18 2013, the airplane finally arrived to Da Nang International airport. It has been four years, and Da Nang has changed a lot during the time I have been away. A lot more new foods, especially snack foods, were introduced to Da Nang’s food lovers. As a big fan of snacks and street foods, I always wanted to explore new and unique dishes that are not too fancy or pricey for customers. With that being said, I needed an expert, a person who knows Da Nang like the back of her hand. Therefore, I decided to contact Ms. Ha Uyen A.K.A. Summer from danangcuisine.com.

Before I met Uyen in person, I gave her a difficult task. It was to find a place that offers unique foods that I had never tried before. The challenge was accepted. Ha Uyen introduced me to Ganh Que, a new local eatery, which serves snack food.

– Location: Ganh Que is located at 57 A Le Loi Street.
– Food: Ganh Que serves a variety of snack foods that come in small portion.
– Price: 6.000 Dong- 20.000 Dong (50 cent- $1.00) per dish/drink.
– Customer: For everyone. However, the majority of customers are students and teenagers. The eatery is also family friendly.

My first impression was the atmosphere at Ganh Que was calm and relaxing. There were a lot of green plants inside the restaurant. It was amazing to feel like I was walking through a mini garden when I walked to my table. The restaurant was not too crowded or noisy during that time. The staffs were very friendly and quick on their feet.

The drinks came in different flavors, and they were quite tasty. The foods were decent. I especially liked their stir fried corn with little shrimps. The dish was quite nice and vibrant. Overall, Ganh Que is a nice little place to go for snacks. I think the atmosphere was the best that this small eatery had offered. It was a pleasant experience and I will definitely return to Ganh Que to explore more new foods. Thanks Uyen for introducing me to this place. I will come back for more.

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Thanh Tran

It seems to be closed. My family had come by midday at 26/9/2013 but it’s close. Danang taxi don’t know the address of this restaurant.

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