Featured on SilkWinds: An Open Letter To Anthony Bourdain

Dear Mr. Anthony Bourdain,

Several days ago I was honored to be featured on Silkwinds, the inflight magazine of SilkAir (Singapore). During the night food tour where I took Duncan Forgan, the journalist who penned this article, to explore the local Danang dishes that I have known since birth and am so proud of. We discussed the reasons why Danang, the vibrant city with its fast emerging and constantly changing food-scene, should be considered the food capital of Central Vietnam in the eye of the world. I also gave my comments regarding the topic, and of course mentioned about the visit of you to Central Vietnam, where you happened to dismiss Danang and instead, featured Hoian and Hue, in your CNN’s show Parts Unknown.

The full length article can be found HERE, with my points well retold by Forgan. I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to reach out to you. As a person who is not afraid to show her passion for food, I am proud of my hometown and its cuisine culture, and I’m also confident of its potential to be the food capital of Central Vietnam, and even more in the long term. I am also a big admirer of you, who is a true inspiration for any food passionate around the world like myself. I’m very thankful that thousands of foreigners have fallen in love with Vietnamese food by watching your shows.

I see this article as a great opportunity to let my voice be heard, and with my most humble attitude I wish it can reach you, not as an arrogant statement, but as the most sincere offer for you to come back to Danang. The city deserves a chance to show its full potential to the world. And it will be my honor to show you what Danang has to offer. I believe you will be surprised from all the things that you have missed.

I am greatly honored to once again become the voice of Danang food lovers to deliver a message to the world, and this of course won’t be the last time. The city is changing everyday, and who knows what the current Danang will grow into, but the good news is, ahead will be so many things I can continue to discover and bring up to the world. And the journey will never end.

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