Da Nang pastries: the hidden gems

Ok I admit it: most of Da Nang citizens specifically and Vietnamese in general do not bake. Some of my hypothesis:

  • We don’t afford an oven and baking tools
  • Butter, cream. cheese… are not in our culture. We don’t produce these ingredients, and imported goods are obviously expensive.
  • We prefer cheaper and healthier desserts (fruits)
  • (- Help me with other possible theories?)

But dear sweet tooth readers, don’t be discouraged. If you look closely enough, there are plenty of interesting choices for you out there. In this post I’ll guide you through the cheapest and most traditional street donuts of Da Nang.

First go to Ba Cu (77 Phan Chu Trinh). This bakery has been there forever (3-4 decades?). I suspect that they could be the first bakery in Danang. They obviously make traditional cakes like “bánh tiêu” (Vietnamese hollow donut), “bánh ram” (sesame balls), “bánh bò” (“cow cake”)… Not to mention their signature “bánh bao” (white pork buns) that made their name.


My favourite “bánh ram” (Bánh cam)

For the very basic butter cake, the locals believe that “Út Mô tô” (77 Hoang Dieu st) is the champion. Again, this is one of the oldest bakeries in Da Nang. Their cakes are super rich, moist and lightly sweetened, perfect to make birthday cakes, which is honestly one of the few occasions that Vietnamese/Danang locals would want to invest in a cake.

Út Moto’s signature butter cake

A more modern bakery would be “Hương Nam” (109 Tran Phu St) which became very popular soon after their establishment about 13 years ago thanks to their large space and good service. Nowadays they have become a ubiquitous chain in Danang. Here you can find both traditional and contemporary Vietnamese pastries.

Last but not least, there is this special mobile “bakery” that a lot of Danang people my generation hold dear to our hearts. This old man has wheeled his cart full of amazing sweet delicacies all around the city his whole life. I’m not sure if he’s still around; last time I saw him 1-2 years ago, he looked very old and weary. The day he won’t be able to work his sweet wand anymore will be a sad day to not only children but also generations of us who call Danang home.


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