Bun rieu cua
Rice vermicelli soup with paddy crab – Bún riêu cua
“Riêu cua” means paddy crab where clean crabs are pounded on to a fine paste. Then the strained paste is used as a topping together with “chả”, while its liquid becomes a base for the broth along with tomatoes and other ingredients. Bún riêu cua is also served with vegetables. It has the sweet flavour from crabs and chả, and a fairly sour flavour of tomatoes. This is an absolutely great morning dish.
Where: 08 Yen Bay – 17000/bowl (morning only)

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  • enjoyed it just one time,
    it make me remind of Sup Cua,hihi

  • jacki

    Hi! My mom taught me to make this, but in addition tot he loose ground meat/crab mixture, she makes it with ‘meatballs’ of the ground pork/crab mixture. She fries them in a separate pan and then puts them on the top of the finished soup. I still make it that way to this day. Try it!