Bun bo

Beef noodle soup – Bún bò

Bún in the central and south region is as famous as Pho in the north of Vietnam. It comprises of rice vermicelli, a special broth and beef or other ingredients. The broth has a fair smell of lemongrass and is cooked for many hours with cow’s bones to make it lightly sweet. Bún in the central region, especially in Hue city, can be very hot and spicy. Bún is accompanied with many different kinds of beef or interior parts of a cow for you to choose:  Tái (rare steak), Nạm (flank), Gân (tendon), Bò viên (meatballs), Giò heo (pork leg)… To make it easy, order a “thập cẩm” which means one bowl with all of them.
To me and many people that I know in Danang, the best shop is “Ba Dieu” (actually most people refer to it as “bun Tran Tong” because it’s located in Tran Tong street). I think that their broth is superb. However, as the shop is so good, they often run out of stock and close early at around 6-7pm (they open at 2pm). Their Bun bo is the kind of dish that can make you feel soooo happy and pleased after eating.
With tendon, meat balls and congealed ox-blood
With rare beef and flank
1st: Ba Dieu – 17 Tran Tong – ~30,000VND per bowl (2-6pm)
2nd: Bun Thuy – 218/4 Dong Da (from 2pm)

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