Best Phở in Da Nang?

Pho with beef & meatball
Recently my Indonesian friend asked me if pho existed in Da Nang, because it was nowhere to be seen in this blog. Being carried away by all of Danang’s specialties is not a good enough excuse, so… here is my compensatory post.

One advantage of living in a central city is that you get to choose which style of pho you want – northern or southern. Having tried pho in Ha Noi, Da Nang, Saigon and overseas, I realize that pho in the north, may I call the original pho, is extremely clear, clean and mild. Whereas in the south or overseas, the taste (sweetness, saltiness) is much more pronounced. Being indulged by all the spicy central dishes, I personally prefer the latter.
Considering that pho is now such a universal icon, let’s see it from a foreigner’s perspective. I took my friend Chloe to eat pho in Da Nang and here is what she thinks.

When I think of Vietnamese food as a foreigner, I automatically think of spring rolls and pho. I hadn’t gotten the chance to try pho since living in Danang, so when Summer took me to this little pho shop I was really excited. In America, the classic dishes are pho with pork, chicken, or beef. The same rang true here in Danang, however there was an addition of meatballs! I ordered beef pho, and it came served with two or three of these meatballs. As we ate, the shop owner brought over more meatballs to add to the pho (per Summer’s request). The broth was flavorful, and there was a large bowl of greens on the table so we could add as much as we wanted. The meal was great and I liked the new additions, as well as the classic ingredients. (Chloe, USA)


Where: Pho is not extremely popular in Da Nang, but it is not difficult to find one.
  • For northern style, go to 203 Đống Đa or 185 Trần Phú
  • For Southern style, definitely check out “Phở 75” at 91 Ngô Gia Tự st. which has been there for more than 30 years. 



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