Best Banh Mi in Da Nang (video series)

It has been morre than 2 years since my Danang Food Tour came to life, welcoming countless number of food adventurer from all over the world. When we talk about our favorite Vietnamese food, many of us have at least one thing in common. It’s Banh mi – Vietnamese baguette.

For me, it comes at no surprise to know that because you could hardly find any kind of food which is cheaper but still so flavorful, appetizing, and delectable. For us, Banh mi can make a square meal and fill our stomachs at anytime of the day, from early in the morning till late night. In a relaxing day, we often take away a hot, crunchy, full-bodied Banh mi to a local coffee shop and savor it. Vietnamese baguette and Vietnamese coffee pair just perfectly together.

Banh mi came from French baguette, but Vietnamese people made it their own food by putting inside different kinds of fillings. Whether it’s filled with roasted pork or sausage and ham, it’s always better when has chili jam inside– the Central region’s trademark. My favorite regular baguette often comes with fried egg. If you haven’t tasted it yet, please give it a try when you drop by a sandwich stall next time. The flavor of a fried egg, we all know. But when combined with sausage, meat, herb, and chili jam, Banh mi becomes a much tastier version of a typical baguette.

Apart from the regular one, Banh mi ga – round baguette clearly catches a lot of foreigners’ attention by its interesting round shape. Though the ingredients are pretty simple, mayonnaise which is made out of egg is a decisive one. It should be creamy, silky, and not too fatty. With one to two egg’s yolks, you can make a bowl full of mayonnaise, enough to fill around 2 dozen breads. There were times when I was tired of eating meat, Banh mi ga was my very first option. And I could eat up to 3 of it at a time. Super duper!


Another kind of baguette that has fascinated many of my friends is Banh mi que – stick baguette. The name just says it all. Yeah, it’s shaped like a stick. Every time when I see those stick baguettes heated up in a small oven, on top of hot charcoal, I can’t stop thinking about the campfire my dad lit up when we went camping in the summer time.

Baguettes‘re dancing in the oven

Wooden sticks’re dancing in the campfire

I’ve been hearing this so many times from other visitors, “the ingredients are simple, but the taste is incredibly amazing.  We have fancy food in our country, but don’t see why we have nothing such simple and delicious like this.”

Well, I don’t know either. In the poorest region in the whole country, we make the most of what we have to get by everyday. Our humble dish keeps us alive. We grow, and we embrace it 🙂

This circle goes on and on. The circle of food and down to earth people probably noone wants to get out of.

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