Recipe: Tamarind Chicken Wings – Cánh gà rang me

Recipe: Tamarind Chicken Wings - Cánh gà rang me

By Helen Le Published: August 11, 2015

  • Yield: 4 Servings

  • Place the wings on a piece of paper towel. Season the wings with some salt and pepper. Gently tap on them so that the seasonings can absorb into the meat. To shorten the frying time, you can microwave the wings for about 5 mins, then coat with flour and finally deep-fry. The time will be reduced quite a lot.
  • Insert the chicken in a large zip lock bag/ a large plastic bag together with 3 tbsp corn starch/crispy fry mix. Close the bag and toss well.
  • Heat some vegetable oil in the pan until the bubbles appear around the chopstick. Lower the heat to medium and start frying the chickens. When one side is golden brown, turn over to fry the other side. When the chicken wings are golden brown, remove and drain them.
  • To make the tamarind liquid, add 1 tbsp tamarind pulps with 1 cup of water. Use a spoon to break the tamarind into smaller chunks. Let the tamarind liquid run through a sieve, forcing as much as the tamarind through the sieve as possible. Discard the fiberous leftovers.
  • Add 1 tsp minced garlic and fry until fragrant. Then add the tamarind liquid and 2 tbsp sugar. Also add 2 tbsp fish sauce. Mix 1 tsp corn starch / tapioca starch with 2 tbsp water and pour into the pan to thicken the sauce. Add some hot sauce or chili flakes. Have a taste and making sure you have the balance between sweet, sour and savory.
  • When the sauce is nice and thick, toss in the chicken wings. Add some sesame and peanuts. Yummy.

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