Recipe: Hủ Tiếu – Rice Noodle with Pork and Seafood

Hu Tieu Nam Vang Phnom Penh Noodle soup (Kuy teav)

By Helen Le Published: March 7, 2013

  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Cook: 2 hrs 0 min
  • Ready In: 2 hrs 30 mins

  • Yield: 6 Servings

This popular noodle dish in Saigon is an influence of a Chinese-Cambodian dish called Kuy Teav. It is also known as Phnom Penh Noodle Soup.

  • Tear the dried squid into small pieces. (You can grill it first to bring out the aroma). Soak the dried squid and dried shrimps in hot water for at least 15 minutes. After that, rinse well and drain.
  • Parboil the pork bones for 5 minutes to remove the impurities. Then dump out the whole pot. Rinse bones well and wipe the pot clean. Transfer the bones to a large stock pot and add in 5 liters water. Also add 1 peeled onion, rock sugar, 1 tbsp salt, daikon rounds, lean pork together with the dried squid and shrimps. Bring to a boil and skim off the foam. Then simmer on medium low for 1-2 hours, uncovered.
  • Season minced pork with salt and pepper. Add in a slash of water and stir to seperate the meat chunks.
  • In a pan, add some vegetable oil and fry the minced garlic until golden brown. Transfer to a bowl and mix with 1 tsp sugar. This is to keep the garlic stay crispy. Repeat the same for the minced shallot.
  • Stir-fry minced preserved radish with a tsp oil. Season lightly with salt and sugar.
  • Cook the noodles following package instructions.
  • Boil the pork liver with some salt and a slash of vinegar until cooked. Let cool and slice thinly. Also remove the lean pork from the soup pot when cooked (after about 40-55 minutes depending on the size). Rinse under cold water and let cool. Also slice thinly into bite-sized pieces.
  • Place the seasoned minced pork in a mesh strainer and submerge into the soup pot until cooked. Use chopsticks to break the lumps. Remove and transfer to a plate. Do the same with the fresh prawns.
  • To assemble the dish, add a handful of the cooked hu tieu dai noodles in a large serving bowl. Top with minced pork, lean pork and pork liver slices, prawns, garlic chives, quail eggs, fried garlic, shallot, preserved radish. For the soup version, pour hot soup over noodles and toppings. For the dry version, combine all ingredients to make black sauce in a small saucepan and simmer on low heat for 2 minutes. Assemble the same way as the soup version without pouring the hot soup over the noodles, rather serve with black sauce and a side bowl of soup. Serve with a platter of fresh vegetables, chili, and lime wedges.

*Recipe for black sauce: 3 tbsp oyster sauce + 3 tbsp soy sauce + 1 tbsp sugar + 3 tbsp water. Simmer on low for 2 minutes.

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