Recipe: Bánh mì thịt nguội – Vietnamese Sandwich w/ Cold Cuts

Bánh mì thịt nguội - Vietnamese Sandwich

By Helen Le Published: September 23, 2012

  • Prep: 60 mins
  • Cook: 60 mins
  • Ready In: 4 hrs 24 mins

This recipe shows you how to make every elements of the world-famous Vietnamese Sandwich. It might be time-consuming, but the result is worthwhile.

  • To make the pickles, in a mixing bowl, tossthe carrots and daikon with salt. Set aside for 15 minutes. Then rinse and squeeze out the excess water. Mix with sugar and vinegar. Let stand for at least 1 hour. The pickles can be kept for a few weeks in the fridge.
  • To make the red pork roll, in a bowl, dissolve the red pork seasoning mix in water. Marinate the pork for at least 3 hours or overnight in the fridge, turning occasionally to coat.
  • Roll and wrap the pork with plastic/saranwrap into a nice roll. (Or use kitchen twine to tie it up). Steam for 45 minutes (or longer if you double/triple this recipe). Let cool completely and keep in the refridgerator overnight. Then unwrap and thinly slice. The left-over marinade can be used to make red sauce: Bring to boil and adjust to your taste with fish sauce and sugar. Simmer 2-3 minutes on low heat until slightly thickened.
  • To assemble the sandwich, slice the baguette lengthwise half-way to open. Spead Pâté all over the inside (You can microwave Pâté 1 minute before use to make it soft and speadable). Stuff with Vietnamese ham, red pork, cucumber, cilantro, spring onion, chili pepper and maggi or red sauce.

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Hi, I was wondering if u have a recipe for Vietnamese jambon? I was looking everywhere and can’t find a recipe for it, thx.

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