Bánh canh Nam Phổ

If you don’t know what bánh canh is, I’ve written about it before in this post. It is a local specialty and is included in my “Danang’s top 10 dishes” list.

This time I want to introduce another version of bánh canh which originates from a small village called Nam Phổ in the suburb of Hue city. Bánh canh Nam Phổ is recognizable by its red muddy soup with rice noodles mixed with casava flour and small shrimp-and-pork cakes. Unlike other versions of bánh canh in the central region, the noodles of bánh canh Nam Phổ is generally shorter and round in shape. The broth is made from fish bones.

In Da Nang you can find this unique version of bánh canh at a tiny stall near Tĩnh Hội Pagoda. The lady has been selling this exact dish for 3 decades now. She used to sell it on her mobile cart around the city until she felt her age and settled down under this tree 7 years ago.

This dish doesn’t make you jump up and down at first try. Yet the more you eat, the deeper you’ll fall in love with its simplicity and sincerity, just like this lady and other honest street vendors.

Where: Ông Ích Khiêm st (intersection with Lê Đình Dương st, near Tĩnh Hội pagoda), Đà Nẵng
When: afternoon (3- 5:30pm)
How much: ~15,000/bowl

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