Life in Da Nang

Danang is a peaceful and well-organised city in the very center of Vietnam. Life here is simple, just like the way Danang people are: rustic, honest and sometimes rudely straight-forward.
Helen has recorded these videos during her trips back home in Danang and brings them overseas as a remedy to cure her homesickness. Through the featured beautiful moments, you can have a good sense of how a normal life in Danang is like. Hope you enjoy watching them 🙂
Danang at dawn
This video records the activities at sunrise (5-6am) in July

Bustling nightlife of Danang City

New Year Fireworks by Han River (Tet Quy Ty 2013)

Han River Swing Bridge
Han River Bridge is the first swing bridge in Vietnam. It was built in 2000 with the contribution of Danang people and has become their great pride ever since.

The bridge swings everyday at 1AM to allow ships to pass along the Han River. The below video captures the moments of the swinging bridge in August 2011.  

Special events and occasions
Inauguration day (Khai Giang)

Vietnam, plain white ao dai is chosen to be high school uniform. This video features the innocence and modesty of Vietnamese high school girls in traditional Ao Dai. Recorded on inauguration day at Phan Chau Trinh High School, Danang City. 

Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival (Tet Trung Thu)

Wedding Ceremony(Dam Cuoi)