Ingredients: Vietnamese Herbs



English name  Thai Basil / Asian Basil / Vietnamese Basil
Vietnamese name Rau Quế / Húng Quế 
Scientific name  Lamiaceae , Ocimum Spp.
Use in   Pho, Vietnamese Beef Stew Bo Kho, Bún đậu mắm tôm


English name  Dill
Vietnamese name Thì Là
Scientific name  Apiaceae, Anthenum  Graveolens
Use in  Cha Ca La Vong


English name  Cilantro / Coriander
Vietnamese name Ngò /Rau Mùi
Scientific name  Apiaceae, Coriandrum Sativum 
Use in  Garnishes for savoury dishes, fresh greens platter


English name  Fish mint / Fish herb
Vietnamese name Diếp Cá / Dấp Cá / Lá Giáp
Scientific name  Saururaceae, Houttuynia  Cordata
Use in  fresh greens platter


English name  Rice Patty Herb
Vietnamese name Ngò om, Ngổ Ôm, Rau Ôm, Rau Ngổ
Scientific name  Plantaginaceae, Limnophilia Aromatica or Chinensis
Use in  Canh Chua Ca – Sweet sour fish soup


English name  Sawtooth Herb / Mexican/ Wild /Thorny coriander
Vietnamese name Ngò Gai
Scientific name  Apiaceae, Eryngium  Foetidum
Use in   Pho, Vietnamese Beef Stew Bo Kho


English name  Mint / Round mint / Spearmint
Vietnamese name Húng Lũi / rau húng/ rau thơm
Scientific name  Lamiaceae, Mentha Spicata
Use in  Fresh spring rolls, mi quang, fresh greens platter, bun bo xao


English name  Vietnamese Balm / Vietnamese Lemon Mint
Vietnamese name Kinh Giới
Scientific name  Lamniaceae, Elsholtzia  ciliata
Use in  Bun Cha, Bun dau mam tom, fresh greens platter




English name  Vietnamese coriander / Vietnamese mint / false mint,
Vietnamese name Rau Răm
Scientific name  Polygonaceae, Polygonum (Persecaria)   Odoratum
Use in  Hot Vit Lon (Fetal duck egg), salad dishes


English name  Vietnamese Perilla
Vietnamese name Tiá Tô
Scientific name  Lamiaceae, Perilla  Frutescens
Use in  Mi Quang, fresh spring rolls, Bun Cha


English name  Wild Betal Leaf
Vietnamese name Lá Lốt
Scientific name  Piperaceae, Piper Sarmentosum or Betle
Use in  Beef wrapped in betel leaf (Bo la lot)

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English name  Elephant Ear Stalks
Vietnamese name Bạc Hà
Scientific name  Araceae, Alocasia  Odora
Use in  Canh chua ca – Sweet sour fish soup


English name  Vietnamese celery
Vietnamese name Rau cần tây
Scientific name  Apium graveolens
Use in  Hu Tieu

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