Best bánh bao I’ve ever tasted

One morning I was waiting for a friend on Pham Van Dong street (next to the beach). Feeling hungry I went to the nearby mobile bánh bao motobike vendor for a hot steamy pork bun. Only when the seller gave me the bun did I realize that I only had one 500,000 note with me. Apparently he didn’t have the change, so I gave the bun back to him. “Just eat while it’s still hot, you can pay me later” – he smiled.

The following 20 minutes we were still there, him selling buns to morning swimmers and me waiting for my friend. Running out of guests he decided to go to the other parts of the beach. “Uncle, can you wait a bit more, my friend’s coming soon” I shouted to him. “Just call out if you ever see my motorbike passing by” he said and disappeared. It’s not like you’re the only one riding motobike in Da Nang – I sighed.

10 mins later, my friend came. About the same time, I saw the uncle’s motobike passing by on the other side of the street. I waved and called out to him at the top of my lung. I borrowed my friend enough money to pay for my bun and 3 more.

That was the best bánh bao I’ve ever tasted.


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