Tips for turning any dish into vegetarian

It’s surprising to me how many people choose to eat vegetarian/ vegan these days. Almost everytime I upload a video, someone would comment and ask for the vegetarian version of the dish. I will try to make more vegan video recipes but still, I can’t cover everything. So I hope the below rules help you to create your own vegan dishes.

You can turn any of my recipes into vegetarian with these basic rules:
– Replace fish sauce with soy sauce
– Replace meat with mock meat / tofu / mushroom
– Replace minced pork with crumbled tofu
– Replace pork/beef broth with vegetable broth
– If you are Buddhist vegetarian, replace onion/ spring onion with leek. Many Buddhists don’t eat onion and garlic as these pulps tend to excite senses.

There are many vegan products at Asian stores that imitate non-vegan ingredients (like chicken, fish, shrimps, meatballs, or even pork belly!). So just use them to subtitute.

tom chay mock1

In case you have not watched my vegan playlist

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