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Born and bred together in Da Nang, Helen (Lê Hạ Huyền) and Summer (Lê Hạ Uyên) have joined force to build up this blog/website since 2010 to make it your ultimate guide to unveil the beauty of Da Nang and Vietnamese cuisine. Summer is in charge of the Reviews of places to eat in Danang while Helen shares her Recipes of Vietnamese food.


Since 2010 when Summer decided to create Danangcuisine, she has gradually built a career around her favorite topic: food. Summer is now the executive chef at Nén Restaurant  which serves casual fine-dining modern Vietnamese food in Danang. She is also the founder/operator of the “Funtastic Danang food tours“, host of “Homecooked Vietnam”on the Asian Food Channel and “7 minutes for breakfast” on VTV7. She is an active food blogger, posting daily on her Instagram, Facebook and Youtube channel. After spending a few years in Japan and Australia for her education, she now resides in Danang, Vietnam.


As the founder, producer, and host of the most popular Vietnamese cooking channel on YouTube, Helen’s Recipes, Helen Le has helped over 350,000 international subscribers prepare delicious Vietnamese food in the easiest, fastest, and most authentic way. She is also a YouTube ambassador in Vietnam, a cookbook author, and the host of two cooking television shows that air in Asia: “Homecooked Vietnam” on Asian Food Channel and “7 minutes for breakfast” on VTV7. She was on the short list for the Influence Asia social media awards in 2017. She has lived 11 years abroad in Singapore and Germany and lives now in Da Nang, Vietnam. You can subscribe to Helen’s YouTube channel or check out her cookbooks.



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If you think we look alike, yes, we are sisters

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Helen and Summer


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