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May’s snacks selection!

I’m back!! And featuring on out Danangcuisine blog this time will be selected best snacks that I get to try for the past weeks. From the crispy and oh so flavourful “Vietnamese Pizza” to the coconut coffee to melt your soul, these are the best 5 pictures of the snacks in Danang! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for in detailed reviews and addresses!



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Danang kebab


This place has apparently been present in Danang for several years now but I have only tried it for the first time not long ago. Love at first bite. It is very different from the original version of kebab with an Asian twist of flavors. Savory, buttery, spicy, fresh… this kebab...

Long Dế: something different on the Eastside
Guest post by Shaun Stevens

If you live on the East side, you will soon find out it’s a bit starved for places to eat. Sure, you have the beach road lined with seafood restaurants, and there’s the odd noodle or rice place on the sidewalk, but not much that stands out. Mr Long is out to change that. He recently opened a quan nhau called Long De. Now...