Recipes Overview

Recipes – Công thức nấu ăn

You are here because you love Vietnamese Food. And so do we. So let’s share it and spread the love for Vietnamese food all over the world 🙂 Each recipe will come with a video demonstrating the cooking process and all the information will be provided in both English and Vietnamese. Most recipes (unless otherwise specified) are presented by Helen.
Feel free to post any question, feedback or simply show some love. If you try out any of the recipes, please share a photo of your dish on Instagram or Google+ with #HelenRecipes. We are excited to see them! Thank you very much ^^


Dishes with Rice
Vietnamese Noodles (Bún, mì, miến, phở)
Desserts/Drinks – Món tráng miệng
Tàu hủ nước đường (đậu hũ) – Silky tofu in ginger sirup
Cà phê sữa  đá – Vietnamese coffee
Sinh tố bơ – Avocado smoothie
Mứt dừa sữa tươi – Candied coconut in fresh milk (by Uyen)
Thạch rau câu – Rainbow jelly
Chè hoa cau – Mung bean pudding
Bánh bò nướng – Vietnamese honeycomb cake
Bánh bao chỉ – Snowball cakes
Bánh khoai mì nướng (Cassava Cake)
Kem chuối (Banana ice-cream)
Trà sữa trân châu (Bubble tea)
Bánh tằm – Silkworm Cake (Steamed cassava cake)
Bánh da lợn – Steamed layer cake 
Bánh chuối nướng – Baked banana cake/pudding 
Chè bánh lọt – Worm-like jelly dessert
Chè chuối – Banana with coconut milk and tapioca pearls dessert
Chè trôi nước – Sticky rice dumplings in ginger syrup
Chè bột lọc – Tapioca pearls in ginger syrup
Vietnamese “Cakes” – Các món bánh
Sticky Rice – Xôi
Other tips and tricks – Mẹo vặt