Travel with Summer – Saigon food vlog 2016

As a food blogger, I have an urge to keep exploring the world culinary as much as I can. Same place, but in a different aspect, the whole experience can change dramatically.

I have been to Ho Chi Minh city countless times, but it doesn’t seem enough to savor all of the diverse and abundant supply of food this city has to offer.

2 days in HCMC, we stuffed ourselves with around 15 different dishes representing Western and Asian food. They are clam pesto pasta, butter squid tooth, som tum, millet sweet soup, tamarind blood cockle, and many more.

Some of them sound strange to you? Watch the video and discover them with me 🙂

Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge

Vietnamese people love noodle, so do the Korean. But have you ever tried Korean spicy noodle challenge that has taken the whole country by storm?


It is spicy instant noodle but has twelve level of spiciness. With a bowl of noodle of level 7, there are 1 kilogram of chili in it. I could not believe in my ear when I heard it.

I tried noodle soup level zero because I thought it would not be spicy at all, but I was wrong. It hit me badly, and I even sweated with the lowest level.
My friends took the challenge of eating spicy noodle level 7 and level 12. Let’s see how they handle that!!!