April favorite breakfasts

Due to huge work load lately (yes, I’m opening a restaurant, yay!), I am now mostly active on Instagram and Facebook. I’m sharing a lot of high res photos and videos to review tons of local restaurants on those social media at least twice a day, so make sure you follow me there for instant notifications.

Anyway, below are some favorite breakfast shots from my Instagram account, taken in April 2017. Click on the decription below each picture for more in detailed reviews and addresses.

Yours truly,

Summer Le

Pho and coffee combo at Lien Khuong Airport 

Xôi Gà – Sticky Rice with shredded chicken at Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St.

Xôi Gà Quay-Sticky rice with roasted chicken at Ngo Gia Tu St.

Bánh Mì Gà Cô Chi – Miss Chi’s chicken bread

Bánh Cuốn Tiến Hưng – Tien Hung’s rice roll cake 

Best BANH MI in Da Nang (Part 2)

Never stop hunting for the best Banh Mi in town (Part 1 here)

The series of Best Banh Mi in Da Nang with Summer is back, with three whole new yummy destinations for the hungry fans of this French-influenced baguette.

In the 1st episode, I have introduced the classic baguette with pork & sausage, the simple but oh so tasty round baguette with pork floss, and my personal pick of the three, the stick baguette. All the featured shops has proven themselves as the best Banh Mi to grab no matter how busy, hungry and picky you are; but the list doesn’t stop there!!

With three other Banh Mi vendors introduced in this episode, I will extend the discovery to even more unique fillings used to enrich our famous Banh Mi, from shrimp dumplings (yes you heard it right) to roasted pork, and the final secret ingredient that you can only find out in the video. Stay tuned, and stay hungry!



Night Food Street In Danang

Several days ago, I got myself on an adventure and experienced the culinary specials of Danang and Vietnam as well: night food street.

In every major city in Vietnam there are always walking streets, which is full of local restaurants and only open in the evening. Danang, as the tourist hotspot of the country, is no exception with vibrant night food streets, guarantee to satisfy any night owl with a hungry stomach.

Wandering around Pham Hong Thai street, I have tried out these local restaurant, and filled my stomach with flavourful main dishes and several kinds of strange looking but tasty desserts. Watch this newest video and experience the night with me!