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Danangcuisine July Instagram Update: Bún!!!

If there will ever be a competition of the most common rice noodles in Vietnam, it has to be Bún, or rice vermicelli, to win the crown. Exists from the North to South within so many different dishes from dry to wet, meat to seafood, this thin, cool and elastic-ish noodles is definitely the most common used noodle in Vietnam. And through the past days, my Instagram...

May snacks selection!

I’m back!! On the menu this time will be a selection of drinks and snacks that I got to try in May. From the crispy and oh so flavourful “Vietnamese Pizza” to the coconut coffee to melt your soul, these food will be sure to brighten up any mood! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for in detailed reviews and addresses!



April favorite breakfasts

Due to huge work load lately (yes, I’m opening a restaurant, yay!), I am now mostly active on Instagram and Facebook. I’m sharing a lot of high res photos and videos to review tons of local restaurants on those social media at least twice a day, so make sure you follow me there for instant notifications.

Anyway, below are some favorite breakfast shots from my Instagram...