Bun cha ca
Fish cake noodle soup – Bún chả cá


This is a famous morning dish in Danang. Its main ingredient is steamed or grilled ground fish, and the broth is made from tomato, pineapple, pumpkin, bamboo shoot and other herbs.

Bún chả cá is well-known and distinctive in...

Newlife Garden cafe
Newlife Garden cafe
Newlife Garden is a pretty spacious and decent coffee shop. Like any other coffee shops in Vietnam, they offer a wide range of drinks, ranging from coffee, fruit juices, tea and so on. The average price is around 15000-25000VND. A black coffee costs 14000 and a lemon juice costs 20000VND.
In the morning they also offer several dishes for breakfast....
Com ga
Roasted chicken rice – Cơm gà
This is one of my most favourite rice dishes. The roasted chicken is well-flavoured, juicy, crispy and not very greasy, excellently combined with colored rice, chilli sauce (not hot at all – more like tomato sauce), fresh tomato, cucumber and salad. The rice is cooked with chicken stock, thus has a very nice flavour and taste. You can choose to order either chicken...