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Travel with Summer – Saigon food vlog 2016

As a food blogger, I have an urge to keep exploring the world culinary as much as I can. Same place, but in a different aspect, the whole experience can change dramatically.

I have been to Ho Chi Minh city countless times, but it doesn’t seem enough to savor all of the diverse and abundant supply of food this city has to offer.

Why Vietnamese Food Is Good For Your Health

Nguồn/Original article: (số ra ngày 1/9/2015)

On Vietnamese national day, 2nd September, we give you 6 reasons why the cuisine from this country is one of the healthiest in the world


The eastern most country in South East Asia, Vietnam, with busy streets and narrow passageways holds closely guarded secrets to good health. The food that on the outset may look more like its South Eastern neighbours Chinese...