Danang Cuisine

Xoi ga
Photo 1: Sticky rice with chicken – Xôi gà 
I remember eating xôi (sticky/glutinous rice) almost everyday for breakfast throughout elementary and junior-high school time, and it still remains my favourite dish at present. That is to say, it would absolutely be a major shortcoming not to mention “xôi” in the Vietnamese cuisine, especially Xôi gà. (There are of course many other kinds of Xôi...
Lẩu and the drinking culture
Vietnamese hot pot (with eel fish) – Lẩu cá chình
Hot pot is a(nother) distinctive feature of Vietnamese cuisine. There are, again, many kinds of hot pot, and the most popular main ingredients are fish, beef, and seafood. Aside from the main ingredient, there can be tomato, tamarind, and different kinds of vegetables, depending on what and where you eat. 
In Da Nang (and some...
Indochina food court

Judging from the formal, luxurious and quiet appearance of this building from the outside,  it is hard to imagine that there is actually a busy food court inside, on the third floor. Of course the price here is a little higher than normal restaurants (ranging from 30,000 to 70,000VND for a dish), but it is a fun place to spend time with friends and family....