Danang Cuisine

Kem New Zealand
‘New Zealand’ ice cream – Kem New Zealand
People in Da Nang love ice cream – no question about that in this tropical city. But it is not easy at all to find a good ice cream shop here. This is probably because in this city where you can buy wonderful dishes which can make you full with less than 20,000VND, not so many people would...
Nuoc mia
Sugarcane juice – Nước mía
Hi everyone,
I am Ariel. From now on I’ll be a companion with Uyen on Danang Cuisine Blog. I’ve just realized that talking about food is really a good way to connect people, so i’ll try to write as much as possible. Thank Uyen for asking me to help her with this blog.

My first entry on Danang...
Announcement #1
Hi all,
I’m very delighted to tell you that we will have another admin/writer for this blog. 
There are so many wonderful dishes in Da Nang that I sometimes can’t find enough time to write about (plus I tend to forget the camera every time I try new dishes). Therefore Ariel, a great friend of mine, has accepted to help me with this blog, which I can’t thank her enough. We were...