Danang Cuisine

Bun rieu cua
Rice vermicelli soup with paddy crab – Bún riêu cua
“Riêu cua” means paddy crab where clean crabs are pounded on to a fine paste. Then the strained paste is used as a topping together with “chả”, while its liquid becomes a base for the broth along with tomatoes...
Bun bo
Beef noodle soup – Bún bò

Bún in the central and south region is as famous as Pho in the north of Vietnam. It comprises of rice vermicelli, a special broth and beef or other ingredients. The broth has a fair smell of lemongrass and is cooked for many hours with cow’s bones to make it lightly sweet. Bún in the central region,...
General tip: How to roll?
This tip is applicable to MOST kinds of rolls in Danang. 
First, take a piece of rice paper and put it in the your palm. Put a layer of vegetables on the top of the rice paper. Then insert whatever is the main ingredient of the dish, may...