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Com ga
Roasted chicken rice – Cơm gà
This is one of my most favourite rice dishes. The roasted chicken is well-flavoured, juicy, crispy and not very greasy, excellently combined with colored rice, chilli sauce (not hot at all – more like tomato sauce), fresh tomato, cucumber and salad. The rice is cooked with chicken stock, thus has a very nice flavour and taste. You can choose to order either chicken...
Xoa xoa
Xoa Xoa

Xoa Xoa is a cool and fun drink. It is made from (tasteless) black and white jello, red tapioca pearls, sweet green mung bean paste, syrup, coconut milk and ice. Generally Xoa xoa is fairly sweet and cool, which makes it a nice drink/dessert for hot summer days.
It’s not easy to find a place for xoa xoa nowadays. Maybe they still sell it at some food...
Banh mi
Vietnamese baguette – Bánh mì

Bánh mì (baguette) is probably the most popular, cheapest yet very delicious Vietnamese food. Banh mi is sold everywhere and anytime – you can buy one along the pavements or in big Banh mi shops for less than half a dollar. Normally, Banh mi is filled with roasted or grilled pork, chả, pâté, spring onion, cucumber, cilantro, chilli… For...

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